A phrase used to denote sympathy for someone, usually in moment of misfortune for said person.
Dave: I'm not feeling so great today. My hamster of five years passed away this morning.
Lisa: Oh you poor thing! I'm so sorry for your loss.
poor baby
by TurtleChelleFromHell02 February 14, 2016
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A tiktok video of a person dressed up as ghost face with a caption saying “you poor thing” now people comment on ghost face related videos saying you poor thing to mock that person
*post ghost face videos*

One day later
Why do all the comments say you poor thing….
by rotisseriechickenwqxs September 24, 2021
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a saying referring to a man doing a thirst trap wearing a ghostface mask
*Person sees a figure slightly resembling ghostface*
Person: "you poor thing."
by sussiestimposter September 13, 2021
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if you say this and have a ghost face mask account on tiktok and use that one audio… you literally suck mad did
“ you poor thing. „
by rossumsbabe September 17, 2021
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