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When a black boy runs around the forest yelling this word you need to run! He is a ferocious beast who will strike at any moment.. usually when you don't expect it. He usually will be smiling as he runs after you and screaming "OOGA BOOGA?!"
"Do you hear something in the bushes? O GOD ITS AN OOGA BOOGA RUN!"
by Analcream69 December 23, 2017
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oogabooga - a word used in the times of cavemen, means hello, good-bye, how are you, wassup. really anything you want it to. use it with different expressions to mean different things.
oogabooga? oogabooga! oogabooga.
by pokemontrainer#274 June 20, 2011
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Nineteenth century British Army slang for "ugly bugger", used to describe the natives of the Sudan.
Viceroy Wellpointe viewed the ooga booga he was to bed tonight and rather wished he was in Dar es Salaam where the local trollops were much more to his liking.
by nilpferd July 20, 2003
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whene foreign tribal chiefs rape you and force you to shove pineapples up your rectum.
Awwww he choose death..........but first oogabooga!!!!!!

Be careful he might oogabooga you.
by PYRO (a.k.a. Ben) April 08, 2004
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From the Three 6 Mafia Song 'Got It 4 Sale'

'Told da Feds, we were shipping dope to Memphis straight from Cuba, get the ruga, we gon do em', have em' spooked like ooga booga.'
by Reese Monroe September 14, 2012
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