The one that everyone wishes they could be like. He is the one who makes anytime intresting and fun and he can find the joke in any situation.
"Oh it's so boring i wish Abdullahi was here"

"That joke was funny, but Abdullahi can do it better ;)

I wish Abdullahi was here ! :(
by AbdullahiBirdman February 7, 2010
Abdullahi is fun to be with. He's loving and caring. He's brilliant and intelligent. Being with him makes you want become a better person. Abdullah is someone I love.
He's name is Abdullahi
by €¥℅ April 14, 2021
He is a guy that has a very large penis and get all the girls horny and wet
by Ehsjska August 6, 2018
A fat kid who eats a lot
Another word for Abdullahi is fat
by da hero April 6, 2018
Abdullahi is cool, people love him he has the biggest penis in the world, and his hero is Aryon.
Abdullahi is super thicc and everyone is jealous. His best friends are OMAR, AND GUILLERMO.
Abdullahi is super cool, and Guillermo is always right.
by PapaLeeroyNUTT December 1, 2018
The goodest looking guy ever.
He has a nice forehead and also is very smart.
His waifu is pink.
The only person to see two pretty best friends.
I love Mohamed Abdullahi No Homo
by Abdullahi is a weeb November 2, 2020