-venti the bard
-from genshin impact
-venti the bard

ehe te NANDAYO?!”
by ESHDhanaura July 10, 2021
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A type of laughter expressed over the internet, especially in mid-to-late-90's chat programs such as TalkExcite! and Virtual Places. Primarily used by cool hipster kids who are bucking normal online laughter traditions like "lol" and "hehe." Also designed to bewilder the unsuspecting.
Jeff: Remember that time Greg went berserk and destroyed our webpage? That was crazy!

Paul: It sure was! ehe
by Jeff83 February 9, 2008
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The phrase which TV legend Anne uses on 'Little Britain'.
Man: "No, Anne! That's Emma's Gerbil! Don't throw that out of the window!
Anne: "Eh Eh Eh!" *throws*
by Mr536 January 2, 2005
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The sound that spongebob makes when plankton tells him that he put too much sauce on the krabby patty.
Plankton: ...I don't know... uh..you put too much sauce now leave me alone!

Spongebob: eh eh eh eh ..... eh eh eh eh eh
by Obaky November 18, 2010
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A phrase used when you would like to do a stupid action with no reson
TJ Why did you just stab me?
Eh Eh Eh
by Jim March 19, 2005
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When one doesn't understand, one may react by going, "Eh eh eh.". Depending on how shocked/confused/zombie-like etc. the person is, they may add more length to the "Eh"s.
Girl 1: "So like, today, I brushed my face?"
by xradiojasx September 16, 2008
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Used to emphasis emotions such as anger or excitment ..!
PERSON:1 "say homes is that big zoot in the ashtray for me ..?

PERSON:2 "eh-eh" ,touch my precious spliff and i will merk u ..

PERSON:3 "yo man rinse fm is on" ...!

PERSON:1 "eh-eh" u know i can be missin that shit turn that shit up" ..!
by Fire B..* April 4, 2005
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