a touch, a feeling, a name
-my love
original girlfriend!
when u see a girl so beautiful that touches your heart then or when your have an sexual intercourse only one word comes

oh god!
shortly og,
by bulu May 14, 2007
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pertaining similiar traits to NoBle aka oG jon
by Webster March 10, 2003
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Og is magical word, that can mean anything and EVERYTHING in the world.
1) Iz it og?
2) Fuck og
3) I have no og.
by Gypsy Rose March 22, 2005
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A word used to describe the smoking or consumption of Marijuana. It is the universal language for "lighting one up" at any given time of day.
Alex: Heyyyy!
Age: Yo!
John: What are you sayin?
Alex: Just chillin.
Age: Let's tootse an OG?
Alex: Sure, I have crazy OG?
Age: I have ridiculous OG!
John: Yah right!
Age: Did you talk to anybody?
Alex: No. So what's goin on with the crazy, ridiculous OG situation.
Age: You wanna toss a meeshed OG salad?
John: Sick!
Alex: Okay call me back when you're ready to OG.
Age: Okay talk to you in a bit.
John: Later man!

This scenario illustrates the perfect usage of the word OG.
If you have any questions feel free to contact either Alex, Age, or John at any time. Leave a message though, I am pretty sure we will be tied up OG'ing.
by Meeshy Me April 20, 2006
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an old guy
a guy that isn't really old but abuses his seniority or thinks he is wise over people not much younger than him
The police officer that stopped me was such an OG, I was only going two over the speed limit
by foruguy July 12, 2008
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How some younger G refers to their mother
My OG acting funny, she wont let me use her car tonight.
by Cee H June 04, 2016
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