A friendship unlike any other, built out of respect and love, will always have eachothers backs.
Ex. Movies - Carlitos way (although not too good, perfect example) and Boondock Saints, brothers, but complete love and devotion. It is not a good idea to mess with a strong Brotherhood.
by Nate Jarvis October 16, 2005
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A group of close friends that will do anything for each other no matter what time of day or night it is and no matter how long it is since they've seen each other.
Al, Jase, Ben, Paul, Rob, Daz and Chen call themselves "The Brotherhood", or "Hood" for short.
"All for one and one for all,
mess with The Hood and you're bound to fall"
by kaniva phuk November 15, 2006
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a group of gangsters who have hoes on there knob, but may not have a job. they enjoy norp here and there and are proud members of a restaurant organization such as taco bell's SPICE UP THE NIGHT CLUB.
dude i wish i was in the brotherhood...at wayzata
by J-string August 5, 2006
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The difference between Brothers and Friends.

-A friend will try and talk you out of a fight, where a brother will talk shit right with you, no matter who is right or wrong.
-Friends can get into unfair fights with other people, where there is no fair/unfair with brothers, you all fight or none fight.
-A friend will loan you money for your #4 with fries and a coke, where your Brother will pay for it without offering, or expecting anything in return.
-Friends have each other in their contact list, brothers have each other in their emergency contacts.
- Friends chill together, Brothers grow together.
-Brotherhood is a bond in blood, friendship is just a word.
figure brotherhood for yourself
by Moo Bagger December 16, 2009
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The epitome of good will and faith. As humans we are not defined by our faults or sins, but by the capacity for love that we have for one another. When one is within the Brotherhood, one abides by the law of the word. We all raise our fist when we hear the call. We are all equalized under this truth, and the supremacy of the call's benediction binds us.



by SmittyBolts October 7, 2012
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1) A group formed, typically of all guys, who get some sort of action from the whore of the school.
"Hear about the new edition to the brotherhood? Didn't take her long to get to him. Poor kid. Probably has every STD in the book."
by anonymous1830953 April 4, 2010
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