Another way of saying "whats up".
Ebonics for what's up.
by E520 October 23, 2003
Commonly used by people from or around the Detroit area. It is really suppose to be pronounced "Wut Up Though" but is said like Wut up 'Doe', it's just a phrase used by many detroits to say wut up.

Chris: Wut up doe!

Arab behind the counter: Wut up doe my baby!

Chris: Shit chill'in let me get too loosies.

Arab behind the counter: Ight my baby be safe.
by Trap star 313 January 20, 2007
it is short for carlos. it is a nickname given to only to a cool carlos.
instead of saying "wut up Carlos", you would says "wut up Los"
by BumStatusYo December 6, 2018
Mik's favorite phrase.
see also lik mik
hey d00d...wut u up 2...?
by Anonymous April 8, 2003
-Hey, Good Mornin' dud wut up ?
I mean.. In a chat cuz in real life it is really the same thing..
by DeFridge November 30, 2016