Yo you hang out with Victoria yet? Dude I O.J Simpson that already
by UshldH8Me aka Dirt December 13, 2017
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White People know hes guilty.
Black people think hes innocent

#1 NA analysis of the blood found in, on, and near Simpson’s Bronco revealed traces of Simpson’s, Nicole’s, and Ronald
Goldman’s blood.

#2 DNA analysis of bloody socks found in Simpson's bedroom
were proven to be Nicole’s blood.

#3 Simpson’s hair was found on Goldman’s shirt even though Simpson claims to have not been at the house and to never have met Goldman.

#4 DNA analysis of blood on the left-glove, found outside Nicole Simpson's home, was proven to be a mixture of Simpson’s, Nicole’s, and Ronald Goldman’s.

#5 The gloves also contained particles of Goldman’s hair and carpet fibers from Simpson’s Bronco.

#6 Officers found arrest records indicating that Simpson was charged with the beating of his wife Nicole. Photos of Nicole’s bruised and battered face emerge. Simpson was sentenced with 3 years of community service for this crime.

#7 Police discovered the dome light in the Bronco had been removed. A search of the vehicle revealed the light was carefully placed under the passenger seat and was in good working condition. Puzzling blood smears on the passenger floorboard indicate that Simpson may have purposely removed the light and placed it under the seat before the murders. Then, after the murders, he may have unsuccessfully tried to find it to put it back in the socket. Police on stakeouts routinely remove the dome lights from their vehicles to avoid detection when the car doors are opened.citation needed

#8 It was discovered that Nicole had one set of keys to her home missing. She had indicated to several family members and friends that she feared Simpson had stolen them to gain entry into her home. The keys were later found in Simpson’s home.

#9 Paula Barbieri indicated that she had broken up with Simpson the day of the murders. She indicated he seemed very disturbed at the news. Phone records proved that Simpson attempted to contact her shortly before the murders from his Bronco’s cellular phone.

#10 The left-hand glove found at Nicole’s home and the right-hand glove found at OJ’s home proved to be a match.

#11 They also proved to be Simpson’s size. Even though Simpson claimed under oath that he did not own a pair of Aris Isotoner gloves, several media pictures emerged showing Simpson wearing these exact gloves.

#12 The bloody footprints are quite easily identified as being made from a pair of Bruno Magli shoes. These shoes are quite expensive and extremely rare.citation needed The size 12 prints match Simpson’s shoe size. Simpson claimed under oath that he did not own any such shoes and in fact indicated that he thought they were "ugly." A photograph was introduced showing Simpson wearing the exact shoes at an NFL football game. Simpson claimed under oath that the photo is a forgery and is backed up by an expert witness. Later, another photo, taken by a different source, also showed Simpson wearing the same shoes at another NFL football game.

#12 Ross Cutlery provided store receipts indicating that Simpson had purchased a 12 inch stiletto knife six weeks before the murders. A replica of the knife was purchased by the police and provided an exact match to the wounds on Nicole and Ronald Goldman.

But he didn't do it.

White: "O.J. Simpson so did it"

Black Person: "No he didn't."

Normal Person: "Are you stupid?"

Black Person "Racist"
by Brunsfield June 26, 2007
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Lucky ass nigga who didn't get caught.
When Ms. Johnson caught us smokin' that stuff I thought we was gonna get in trouble. When the principal said he'd let us go with a warning I felt like O.J. Simpson.
by stepyagameup September 3, 2006
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An all American football hero who was lucky enough to get away with killing his wife and her friend.
Everyone knows he's guilty (especially white people) but black people like to pretend that he isn't.
"We the jury find the defendant, O.J. Simpson, not guilty of the crime of murder."
by Nevz July 22, 2009
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To stab or cut a person with a knife.
Did you here about that knife fight down the street? Yea that gang member really got O.J. Simpsoned. He must have been O.J. Simpsoned at least 5 times but he'll be alright.
by JoeyJoejo November 16, 2009
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Similar to the Danny Glover. It's when you jam your fist up someone's ass (male or female), remove it, all covered in blood and shit (resembling a bloody glove), and proceed to choke the person until rendering them unconcious.
After I gave that chick an "O.J. Simpson" she didn't shit right for a week.
by kyspsm October 5, 2006
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