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a guy who is so vicious you cannot comprehend his viciousness. he kicks so much ass that he is an ass kickin machine and all the ladies come flockin to honey. jed is the master, the one ruler of all! he is the one man able to kick ass on a daily basis, and he could bang your mom so quick, she wouldnt know where the intense pleasure came from! to simplify, jed is the master biatch!!!!!!
Wow man, i sure wish i could be jed! he sure is cool! i wish i had the mad bitches jed gets!!!
by bob April 14, 2004
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Jed is the worlds most amazing guy .
No one could ever understand how perfect he is .
When Jed smiles it makes your heart melt, he could make everyone in the room smile

with out even trying. he makes the world go round .
Jed is life its self His girlfriend loves him from here to the moon
and he loves her to the max . they are ment to be<3
Jed is perfect
Girl1: Is that Jed ? He is HOT!

Girl2: Yes . I Know he is perfect.

dont let Victoria know you were looking.
by Sparkells April 30, 2013
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a jed is a funny friend, who ends to be sent out of the class every once and a while. most jeds are blond and have freinds mostly like them, like liams, yassines, and lucases. they arent the smartest type, but a jed is sure to liven up your day.
"im sad"

"then you should go talk to jed. h'ell cheer you up"
by LiamXtreme June 05, 2018
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Brilliant, superb, top of the league, king of the gods.

Derived from the word, Jedi, which itself doesn't mean anything
This buckie is pure jed by the way.

"On the 43rd minute, Danny Invincible scored a jed goal for Killie. It was one of the jeddest goals seen all season".
by c.r. November 27, 2007
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