1. A synonym for scrotum, which protects and houses the male testes. Should not be forcefully attacked for any reason.

2. Some asshole using my name to make stupid definitions. *thumbs down*
Get your own name, nutsack.

His nutsack was ripped open when he landed on that pipe, and his balls spilled out.
by Inimical November 8, 2004
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1.) n. A sack of (pea)nuts.

2.) n. An extremely common slang term for the scrotum.
1.) How much for a nutsack?

2.) I have an itchy nutsack.
by r0akh December 20, 2006
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the out part guarding the nuts from any sudden danger.Prime weapon for the dreaded teabag assault
keep talken..when u wake up wit my nutsack in ya mouth..itll be a lil harder to talk then..wont it?
by Lord Vigo December 25, 2003
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to tackle someone's testicles, resulting with the person lying on the floor writhing in pain and cursing the nutsacker's existence to the depths of hell.
Man, that guy was so mad, I though he was going to nutsack me in a dark corner of the room.
by infiniti August 16, 2003
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At night time, a car full of people park infront of a house. The driver proceeds to lay on the horn until a light is observed to be turn on in said house. The driver then counts to 3 then everyone in the car yells 'NUTSACK' as loud as they can. Then driver drives the group off to repeat this action again. Can be done to same house multiple times or even random people walking down the street.
"Hey man, we are getting some guys together to go NUTSACKING later. Its going to be hilarious. You interested?"

by project_satan661 April 16, 2009
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The piece of cloth stitched into the interior layer of pants, shorts, and trousers, creating a cave which is often used to hold miscellaneous items. It is also colloquially referred to as a "pocket".
Oh no, my nutsacks are filled to the brim with tennis balls!
by TAJWAR May 14, 2011
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To show another person one's scrotum for fun and profit. Usually followed by a loud exclamation of "NUTSACK!" to alert the public.
"Hey, Bob, Look!"
"That's disgusting!"
by The Jack of Hearts September 20, 2005
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