to stretch your nutsack over someones mouth and nose
i will be "nutsacking" her tonite...
by dirty d April 23, 2003
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When someone takes your backpack/purse empties it out, flips it inside out, places everything back in, and zips it up. This usually occurs when the victim leaves their bag unattended in class. If a talented perpetrator finds a bag with an inner pocket, he/she can double nutsack the bag.
Bob: "Hey Jeff just left to use the bathroom!"
Joe: "Help me nutsack his backpack!"
Natalie: "Can you watch my purse? I need to go get something from John's locker."
Katie: "Ok... (Natalie leaves the classroom) Haha sucks for her, hasn't she leanred not to leave things with me? Poor girl is going to get double nutsacked."
Desmond: WTF man, who the hell nutsacked my backpack!?
by You've been nutsacked October 2, 2010
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Ya Balls that make Babys
I shaved the dog and the hair on my Nutsack to make me look like a man.
by NutSackBoi September 3, 2019
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1: The second set of nuts you get from doing man things.
My nutsacks grew bigger after a weekend of hunting.

Jon came back from a weekend with his cousins with a shinny new set of nutsacks!
by Skipp00 December 20, 2016
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An expression of annoyance or pain. a scrotum
Nutsack! whyd u hit me with that?
by pervertedperson November 15, 2008
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when you mess up you scream nutsack
Courtney: Dude I lost your wallet.
Rachel: Oh NUTSACK.
by Imfat.ha May 31, 2010
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When you pass out drunk and your buds attempt to place a bare nut sack on your face and get a phot to embarass your sorry ass while you are out cold.
by Chuckie May 24, 2003
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