Bro, John was really numble when flirting at the party yesterday. None of the girls went home with him.
by Brotar October 30, 2020
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when a ‘plane’ is moving up and down during the ‘flight’ and you feel ‘numbly’

it’s also an emotion. you can ‘feel’ numbly especially when your worried or even excited. this emotion can range from 0-100 (especially when gossiping)
OMG. that flight was soo numbly. how did you find it?

what is numbly? also yeh i felt a bit numbly.
by rattus ratty xx June 16, 2023
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to "numble" is to describe an action of gently manipulating something, usually fabric or a soft toy for comfort or simply enjoying the feel.
You can take said item, maybe a nice soft fleecy jumper and "numble" it.
Most people numble with their fingers while snuggling the item to their face, children numble their teddies while falling asleep or numble their cuddle blankets while sucking their thumbs.
My cats like to numble clothing in a way also known as "paddy pawing". They sometimes numble my butt but it hurts when they do that.
Some people like to sniff when they numble.
It is also possible to numble another human being or even a pet.
Try it.. you might like it.
Little Bess numbled her cuddle blanket to soothe her to sleep.
The cat is numbling my ass again and his claws are really pointy.
She gave her boyfriends fleece a little numble while she thought of doing him later.
by NekoDolly February 11, 2010
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To eat bland food, so boring it is numbing.
Numbles through my dinner.
by GodOfMatureCheddar July 24, 2017
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My nose hurts after that numble OR Skippy cracks me up everytime she numbles.
by Jenna Miller June 2, 2003
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Mumbling because your lips are numb and you have trouble moving them
"My lips are so cold I'm numbling"
"Ya I can't understand a word you're saying"
"Stupid New England weather"
by GoPats July 1, 2005
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When you are doing a task so repetitive and menial, that it feels like a small rabbit is nibbling on your brain.
clicking send message over and over again is so mind numbling
by CloudMaster August 15, 2014
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