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When cats knead soft stuff for comfort.
Thought to be from when kittens kneaded their mothers tummy's to encourage milk flow.
Adult cats paddy paw anything soft and snuggly when in a cosy kitteny mood.
The cat may grip the item in its mouth while it paws or just paddy paw in a massaging motion going from left to right front paw.
Cats sometimes paddy paw their owners but as we don't have fur like mother cats it is somewhat painful. The hard core cat lady tends to endure this anyway.
Also known as baking biscuits.
My cat spends ages paddy pawing my fleece dressing gown whilst purring.
by NekoDolly February 11, 2010
When a cat watches a bird through a window it makes silent repeated movements with its mouth. This is Mibbling.
look out for the accompanying whisker quiver.
The Cat stared out of the window and mibbled at the sparrows it so desperately wanted to catch.

Have you seen my cat mibble at the tits?
by NekoDolly July 18, 2008
Appearing like a mannequin.
Usually used to refer to the way people look in photographs. when a photo is suddenly taken, the subject may appear to be frozen mid-action and look like they are trying to hail a bus or have their arms at a rather unnatural angle.
Hence they become dummylistic.
Even more so if their face looks like a startled rabbit.
Go through your albums.. you'll know the ones.
My mother looked extremely dummylistic in her wedding photograph (fact).
"Photographer, please try to take a natural shot.. I don't want to appear dummylistic"
by NekoDolly February 11, 2010
to "numble" is to describe an action of gently manipulating something, usually fabric or a soft toy for comfort or simply enjoying the feel.
You can take said item, maybe a nice soft fleecy jumper and "numble" it.
Most people numble with their fingers while snuggling the item to their face, children numble their teddies while falling asleep or numble their cuddle blankets while sucking their thumbs.
My cats like to numble clothing in a way also known as "paddy pawing". They sometimes numble my butt but it hurts when they do that.
Some people like to sniff when they numble.
It is also possible to numble another human being or even a pet.
Try it.. you might like it.
Little Bess numbled her cuddle blanket to soothe her to sleep.
The cat is numbling my ass again and his claws are really pointy.
She gave her boyfriends fleece a little numble while she thought of doing him later.
by NekoDolly February 11, 2010