1. Vaginal intercourse with an Asian prostitute, typically missionary style, in order to, if not tame the heathen, at least "soothe the savage beast" with the music of one's loins (not unlike a cricket in that regard). Named for the polite children's term differentiating the different excretory functions ("number one", as opposed to "number two").

2. An Asian whore's specialty. Either the finest delicacy in her "cuisine", or her old standby, on which she relies like a crutch for her livelihood.
That whore was twisted. She posed like a baseball catcher and signalled with one finger between her legs to indicate "number one fuckie".

That bitch wanted six dollars for number one fuckie! She's a three-dollar whore if I ever saw one. Goddamn currency manipulator.
by Nosefuckers Incorporated December 14, 2012
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A kids song made by Robbie Rotten, from Lazy Town, about teaching 3 other individuals about villainy. It was made popular via the high quality rips of SiIvaGunner.
by Tito Dickman Baby November 23, 2016
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Originally popularized by UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov, later used again by shirtless Tampa Bay Lightning player Nikita Kucherov after getting hammered on Bud Light and winning back-to-back Stanley Cups in a postgame interview after a game 5 win against the Montreal Canadiens. He was frustrated that Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Marc-André Fluery won the Vezina Trophy instead of the Lightning's own Andrei Vasilevskiy, as well as Canadiens fans celebrating like they had won the Stanley Cup after winning one game.
"I was telling him every day 'Vasy you're the MVP, you're the best player,' and then they gave it to- whatever the guy... Vegas... the Vezina... and then last year they gave Vezina to somebody else, number one bullshit, number one bullshit." - Nikita Kucherov
by Kirberus July 10, 2021
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The literal greatest meme to be created. Variations and edits of the video include "We are number one but every time they say one another episode is layered on"
Guy 1: "Want to hear a meme?"

Guy 2: "Sure."

(we are number one starts)
Guy 1: "WE ARE NUMBER -cuts-"

*New Episode goes on*
by QuinnMcChief January 18, 2017
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all units be on the lookout (BOLO) for a Ford Bronco being driven by a number one male down the 405. number two male would be White. number three would be Hispanic. beyond that they would just use the name of the race on the airwaves.
by The Amalamps April 18, 2014
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A person making sure their opinion is heard when no one cares.

In context, the phrase "Diva Number One" must be said in a sassy tone, calling out the diva in question.

If a person is being "Diva Number One," it is your RIGHT to put them in their place.
Mukund: I have to go to the store and buy Puffs Plus with Lotion.

Everyone (in unison): Diva Number One!!!!!
by lilrachel333 March 31, 2011
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