A YouTuber who only uploads high quality video game rips.
"I only upload high quality video game rips."
-SiIvaGunner's response to any and all comments questioning the grandness of his rips.
by ThunderMite42 March 14, 2017
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God amongst memes.

Creates rips of the highest quality
Did you listen to the newest SiivaGunner rip?
by Kemikus November 26, 2016
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In uploader of high-quality rips on YouTube who generally uses Memes in a song such as seven 7 7 grand dad loud nigra smol nozomi snow halation and the get beaned meme he normally creates special rips for each holiday and had a reboot with all new memes because people were dislike bombing snow halation he came back but soon after SiIva went to sleep and he never woke up BUT dureing that time wood man took over and made shitty rips that no one liked because of how repetitive they got after that the voice took over until this day make non shitty rips everyone loves
The SiIvagunner reboot was pu55y a$$ sh¡t
by Pyrocinical March 28, 2017
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For when someone you know claims to be leaving something, ie a party, or somewhere but you know right from the getgo they won't go through with it due to changing minds, general delusion or it never being intended to be happening from the beginning
Yeah man Joe said he's going to leave the party but I'm getting serious SiIvaGunner Effect vibes from him.
by bigminiman12 March 14, 2017
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A famous troll. In the SiIvagunner universe, he defeated the Gay Mexican Ass in my Ass with the power of the MF Like Button to save snow halation and anime but sacrificed himself in the process. He is reunited with the PS Triple.
Without SiIvagunner Chad Warden the channel wouldn't be where it is today.
by Crabulon December 12, 2020
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