When something is horrible, or is just bad. Originating from Australian TV show Roary, was introduced to the world by Australian celebrity D.Hayes.
by Mr.Rex September 01, 2008
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In the rules for life, the first one is always this: Don't Get Caught. Other rules may vary by location and other factors, but especially in college when numerous activities of questionable legality are occurring rule number one is don't get caught.

Rule number two is frequently Don't Die, unless not dying would interfere with rule number one.
Jason: Put that pipe away while we're driving through the speed trap, I don't want the cops to see and pull us over.
Sarah: Gotcha, following rule number one.

or, on the outside end of a phone call from jail:

Jason: You broke rule number one!
by StoleTheCookies September 26, 2009
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Coined by legendary UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov. When you’re so frustrated about certain bullshit that you think that this bullshit is the biggest bullshit of all time. When this bullshit is bullshit at the highest level
by Tim12345678969 March 22, 2021
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someone that you devote time of day to that you hope will acknowledge that effort and become your #1 fan
Look, there's Kevin talking to his number one fan...she actually looks interested.
by eyes for you November 18, 2009
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a person that stuns at everything they do and is number one at it; ballin
by Soehlman October 07, 2006
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Honourific term used to describe accurately the position of Pol Pot (nee Saloth Sar), the glorious Kampuchean leader, who began his tender administration of the suffering masses of Cambodia by organising a major holiday trip (out of Phnomh Penh) into the countryside in April 1975, soon after his disciples the "Khmers Rouges" arrived in the capital. Such was his boundless generosity that even bedridden hospital patients, cripples and heavily pregnant barefoot women were invited to join in the holiday walk.

Then he abolished money. Then he raised the productivity of the rice paddies by administrative order. And that was just the start....

He was definitely "Number One". But he was also just a "Brother" like all the other brothers, humble, humane, knowledgeable without showing off, hardworking, self-effacing, etc.

So modest was he, that Cambodians didn't hear of his name (or nom de guerre) until around the end of his wonderful "Year Zero".

Although he didn't compete with Chairman Mao in feats of swimming prowess, poetry composition or table tennis; nor with Prince Sihanouk in film-making or entertaining press interviews, Brother Number One would always lend a hand washing the dishes, digging irrigation channels, cleaning out chicken huts, cleaning rifles, and authorising vigorous interviews of the many untrustworthy subordinates which the burdens of history had laid upon him.
Hey, Angka says I should work 17 hours each day in the paddy field. I guess that makes a lot of sense, because this was derelict jungle last year and there's not much water nearby. That Brother Number One sure is a clever guy!
by Sister (not numbered) July 19, 2006
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A person that is your favourite of all people usually hayden landa
by Lol don't care January 13, 2017
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