Nikita: A person with a heart of gold. Extremely kind and always compassionate. Puts others before herself, but still manages to have a thoughtful opinion and holds true to her beliefs. The best girlfriend one could ever ask for. Beautiful Inside and out. Impeccably dressed. Extremely intelligent. Could talk to her for hours about nothing. Very mature for her age. She knows what she wants and how to get it. Someone you will always want to have by your side-your life will change once you meet her.

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by R. Sohan ❤️ November 8, 2018
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Nikita means a dew drop from heaven... She loves socializing... And she's a diva.. If by chance a Nikita proposes you... You never deny... Mostly scared of love.. She sparkles everywhere... Specially with an angel's voice... Who loves music.. Always scared to lose someone they love verymuch but would never agree... Never expects from others..
She sparkles like a dew drop from heaven... Might be a Nikita
by Keep me to yourself January 8, 2018
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A Russian boy, who is extremely fit with a nice toned body. He comes off as shy at first, but once you get to know him he is an amazing boy full of love and care! He's athletic, with an amazing contagious smile, and always fun to be around. They usually have big dicks too!
That boy plays soccer and has a six-pack, his name must be Nikita.
by lovebug34 February 8, 2017
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She's a tough, outrageous type of person. She loves to laugh and have fun. She has a weird personality and finds herself having a laugh attack almost every second but has a heart of gold and is beautiful inside and out. She is the type of person you will find being that one person that bursts into laughter in the middle of an exam. Or that one cheerleader who screams at the top of their lungs and dances their heart out. She is also really flirty. She will defend her friends with her life and will not ever, i mean ever, let anyone bully anyone. A Nikita is a friend you want to have... she is the most persistent, interesting, smart, beautiful, tough and bubbly person you could ever meet.
Girl: Dang, is that the new girl?
Girl 2: Yeah, why is she laughing? There's nothing there .... but that stupid poster that the teacher put up.
*Nikita walks past*
Nikita: Hey, you don't think that poster is funny! It's hilarious! And, smile... It's such a wonderful day!
Guy: I like her. She's hot.
*Girls roll eyes*
*Nikita winks*
by Yas_Queen_Slay November 30, 2018
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Some people are pages of a book that is life. Nikita is a whole different book, so much that i don't believe a saga the size of Harry Potter could describe her at her fullest. Nikita is a force of the world. She is a very individual, hard working and inteligent girl.

Lived a life that most could not stand living , seen things that would blind the most and felt what would kill the most, her strength is unbelievable. She tasted the worse the world has to offer , making her very convict of her beliefs and independent. May appear a very though person but Nikita is truly a unforgettable individual: Honest , direct, charming in all the way , kind , understanding; so many things...She is a story a huge one, and that's scratching the surface. Realist but hopeful, and that shine and beauty inside get expelled on her outside beauty with her unforgettable hair and eyes

Nikita is unique

She is one and only , a center special flower in this huge garden that is the world
Nikita is truly a rose
by Strawhaty July 7, 2021
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Nikita is a guy with a kind and beautiful soul. He is one of those people who easily fits in with a new company. He is not super extraverted, but, however, is sociable, enjoying both small talks and deep conversations. Nikita has a good sense of humor, and you’ll probably have some inside jokes with him.

At first sight, he can make you feel like you know each other for ages, he makes you feel like home. As soon as you have eye contact, he will fulfill you with joy, and you just can’t help smiling.

He is a good listener and that’s why it’s easy to open up in front of him. Nikita is also a loyal person who cares for his friends, I doubt he’ll ever let anyone down. He is very supportive and inspiring, able to give fresh ideas and helpful advice.
Why are smiling? Oh, I bet Nikita’s texting you.
by oso_perezoso December 31, 2021
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A name suitable for both genders. The Russian name means to "be victorious." Russian boys with this name are often laconic and shy, but beautiful and kind upon further observation. They are also extremely difficult to forget.
I wonder if Nikita will ever see that I wrote this and redeemed his name on UrbanDictionary. Sigh.
by NaomiSphax February 25, 2010
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