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73% gentleman, 27% rogue, 110% P.I.M.P.
Last seen running with bulls in pamplona.

Legend says his crotch is top notch.
Chocolate boy a.k.a willy wanka

Very nice to mum.
I met Mukund.

I ain't gonna fail.
by Benjy-sean don February 28, 2017
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He is a bit aggressive but very caring for his friends and family. he is very strong and can be bossy some times. he is the gangsta of the group he is also emotional and he loves everyone but never shows his emotions he has achieved greatness in whatever he did. he is also good-looking and girls are also attracted towards will always fear to mess with him but if you are good to him he will help you whenever possible sometime he can be useless but sometimes he bs your everything
#he is so lucky to be friend with Mukund
by Smonegrtu'llmiss June 01, 2019
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To make extreme and whacky choices, and influence others to make extreme and whacky choices, without being dependable about the choice; and having low tolerance to whacky choices originated by others.
Such a mukund idea to go mountain climbing. Glad all the people on wheelchairs were convinced.
Mukunding is jumping off a cliff, not your cliff, my cliff! What a stupid idea to jump off yours!
by Princess Lit July 02, 2018
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A kashmiri pedophile who preys on gullable ginger girls. He forces them to suck hi cock and he gropes them. He is also a known woman beater. Pure evil.
You know mukund
Yeah, what he do now
Made kaya blow him
Classic mukund
by Kohli is a cretin June 12, 2019
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Has a passion for smoking and gets very emotional after a few drinks.
Stop smoking like a mukund.
by hoity-toity February 24, 2017
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