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A Nubis is a legendary being of incomparable power. A Nubis can take many forms, such as Psychubis(Psychic Nubis), Collegeparkubis(Nubis that attends College Park), Gurubis(Very smart Nubis). What a Nubis is fully capable of no one really knows, for no one has lived to see a Nubis' full potential. Contrary to popular belief however, a Nubis is a peaceful creature, with a strong hate for fat english teachers. It is true that Nubis' devour english essays with no second thoughts. Scientists have tried to keep track of the whereabouts of these Nubis', but they evade the tracking by way of disguising themselves by altering the spelling of their names to Noobis. IF you meet a Nubis, be extremely careful not to anger it, or it will bombard you with unimaginable pain.
Shroom: "Shrub, do you know who the Nubis is around here?"
Shrub: "My friend saw him once, he died the second after he did."
by Tree Shroom November 09, 2006
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A male reproductive part, or testicles.
"Oh shit, watch where you swing that thing you might hit my nubis girl!"
by Dev March 01, 2005
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a person that is new the enviroment.. usually an idiot, and too self confident. even thought they shouldn't be.
man.. that nubis is so frigging stupid
by gillx12 June 17, 2009
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Pretty, Smart, Shoe gang, Great hairstyles, She thick, I want to smash her.
by Rxchlondon March 16, 2017
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