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n. 1. GAME The best and most popular x-box game. Made by Bungie.
2. RELIGIOUS OBJECT a glowing ring of light surrounding Bible-era religious figures. 3. MILITARY A high altitude/low opening parachute jump, where a jumper exits the plane at around 30,000 feet and opens at around 1,000.
Let's go play Halo for 7 hours at a sleepover!

Your halos are glowing so brightly we won't need the lamps, that's very nice.

Richard Marcinko pulled a textbook HALO jump yesterday.
by Dev July 21, 2003

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The pronunciation of the word "authority" most frequently employed by Cartman from the show South Park (or by others in connection with him).
"You WILL respect my authoritah!"

"Perhaps this will teach you to listen to authoritah!"

"Oh no! Nothing's worse than Cartman with authoritah!"
by Dev December 09, 2003

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A "reality" porn website where two guys pretend to pick up random girls on the street and pay them to have sex in the back of a moving car.
Dude, I just saw your sister on Bang Bus!
by Dev December 09, 2003

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some perverted jackass who likes dildos stuffed up his ass and phone sex.

republican jackass who writes childrens books and tells people how to live their lives the ( right way ) yet got accused of sexual harassment and all sorts of shit

cocky arrogant balding man who hosts his own show on Fox and pays people off in order to not expose his conversations and phone calls about people touching themselves and dildos up his butt
Bill O reillys on tv, arrogant republican cocksucker
by dev February 24, 2005

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actaully means death to the white man, or death to the white devil. alternitavely can be used as a simple diss.
jus say it...simple
by dev June 02, 2003

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What Cartman on the show South Park always says in place of words like "here" and "now".
"You can stay over nyah, but I'm going over nyah."

"Yay, I shall answer the phone nyah."
by Dev December 09, 2003

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eat out, ie; to perform oral sex upon. Usually a woman.
i really wanna growl-out that hotty!
by dev October 26, 2004

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