A person with a very optimistic personality. She is usually a very good friend. A little moody at times but can give wonderful advice andcomforts her friends.
B: My bf just dumped me!
Amie: It's ok he wasn't good of for you anyway.
by Tastyxchicax22 August 17, 2008
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a gorgeous girl wiv a perfect body. Everyone loves her & she has many talents. is kind to everyone. An Amie is a very loving person (L)
boy 1: wow that girls fit
boy 2: yeahh must be an amie bro
by woooo.... July 6, 2011
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Amies are amazing people. They are pretty, cute, and athletic. They will always be the first one to ask if you are ok when you are down, and always the first to tease you about a guy or a girl you like. They are smart, caring, and will be terrified if you show any sign you are unhappy with them. They sometimes don't know when to be serious. When you have feelings for an Amie, you almost always have a chance because she doesn't like people for their looks, they need to have a nice personality. The only problem you may find when you are dating her is that she might get nervous or realize she is not ready for commitment, and break it off, so you can be just friends again. But overall, if you meet an Amie, be her friend, because she is an AMAZING person to be around.
Oh my god! she's so athletic! She must be an Amie!
Oh wow amie, stop teasing me. :P
by Happy111 March 1, 2018
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Beautiful, intuitive, funny and sweet. Passionate to a fault. Level-headed except when it comes to relationships. People adore her upon meeting her, which makes her hard to forget.
" I need an Amie in my life!"
by Loren Sophia February 3, 2010
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The most beautiful girl to walk this earth... Funny and clever she is my world and everything in it. I love her so much and wish she could be beside me everyday. She is the brightest star in my sky and the very air I breathe. Not everyone agrees with the way I feel, and say I'm a fool and says that I am commiting "emotional suicide" but I don't care.... As long as I have her, nothing else matters.
Amie, I love you more than I hate my internet.
*I raised my hand as if to show you; That I was yours; I'm so yours for the taking...*
by TraumaticDramatic November 8, 2009
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One of the most beautiful women to ever grace the eyes of a human. Not only being a great friend, an Amie is incredibly talented in making you smile and feel happy about yourself. Amie also is skilled in the art of providing information on giving (and sometimes receiving) blowjobs.
I wish I had an Amie.
by starch June 6, 2009
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A gorgeous girl with amazing blue eyes. She seems to be super confident and it's hard to read her emotions, but that's okay because she'll say what is on her mind. She is very open, and a lovely girl. She is tall, and skinny, and she melts your heart when she says your name.
"Hey, look. It's Amie!"
"Bro, don't you mean: 'Walking Goddess'?"
by sammielovesdawgs October 27, 2011
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