a mystical device that carrys a being from one place to another- merkin powered
YO FLUFF, i pimped out my launcher last week and flew over here to show it to you nigger.
by Fatts January 17, 2005
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Term to discribe large erect nipples on a set of moobs.
"I see your trying to show off those guns Mr. Tight Shirt, but I can't seem to look past those missile launchers fat boy!"
by n00bch0p February 11, 2009
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"Man, I was a load launcher last night." I pulled out and my wad hit her on the forehead!
by Daverr May 15, 2008
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A device used to launch things great distances. Originally invented in mideval times, it was then refered to as a "trebuchet."
"You mean a launcher thingy?"
by GaryJMeyer August 13, 2006
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The fatter and uglier friend of a grenade. Often brought along to make the grenade feel that she is not the ugliest girl at a party. The main purposes of the grenade launcher is to cockblock, instill fear, provide backup in a fight and to purposely rile up the grenade into exploding the chances of sex for everybody. Popularized by Mike "The Situation" from the MTV hit series Jersey Shore.
Its bad enough that this cutie brought a grenade with her, but this chick also brought a god damn grenade launcher as well. I personally try to avoid grenade launchers, at all cost. Not worth getting my GTL on for. At all.
by jinful February 26, 2010
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A penis capable of an emphatic discharge, either by velocity, distance or both.
I made a real mess with my spooge launcher last night. I still haven't found all of it yet.
by wild chewbacca September 12, 2011
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