Notti osma is a 14 year old dead kid that every little girl simping for and people also dissing him because there was song and a dance made called the notti bop dissing him and a lot of people doing the dance
: notti is the finest oy member ( 11 year old little girl )

: notti bopping punching my hips come here gotta do it like dis ( random )


Do not notti bop and if u do do it at ur own risk bc they jumping people for it .

Always remember stay a civilian!

Have a nice day !
by Lanahhdagoat November 24, 2022
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A silly man from the oy gang who became deceased when he decided to attack his opposition with a broomstick and was stabbed in retaliation to death on 137th subway station new York
Fuck notti, we are rolling and smoking on that notti pack.

Notti bopping
by Klukas kai oyog November 1, 2022
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Yo you heard notti got dissed in another song
Thats crazzy
by rekstna October 11, 2022
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an unattractive girl who hangs out with a group of Hotties at a party, whose job is it to make sure her friends do not hook up and leave her at the end of the night. she will put down every joke that a male tries to use on her hot friend and will publicly point out every oddity in his appearance.
I was on that ball with some hottie last night when her nottie roomate totally made fun of my threads.
by rizosh July 16, 2001
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It never fails, chicks come in pairs: the hottie and the nottie, you get the nottie.
by Jonnyguano September 26, 2005
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NoTTY : A non interactive session eg. scp
sshd: root@notty - oh fuck i've been hacked!
by notty-san December 26, 2012
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Someone who is not hot; the opposite of being hot.
"She really went from a hottie to a nottie in just a couple years, didn't she?"
by Punzzyyy March 19, 2023
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