9 definitions by rizosh

i stopped dropping V long ago...i hate doing that shit
by rizosh August 9, 2001
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word used by Adam Corolla to describe something that is beyond riDICKulous
last night on loveline, adam went on and on about men's public urinals. his rant went on for 20 minutes...Drew thought it was ricockulous
by rizosh July 16, 2001
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an unattractive girl who hangs out with a group of Hotties at a party, whose job is it to make sure her friends do not hook up and leave her at the end of the night. she will put down every joke that a male tries to use on her hot friend and will publicly point out every oddity in his appearance.
I was on that ball with some hottie last night when her nottie roomate totally made fun of my threads.
by rizosh July 16, 2001
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The act of suddenly going into a crazy, seizure like state. refers to how thom from radiohead acts during the performance of idioteque.
yen called radiohead(s) a pop group and roshan lost it and went idioteque on her ass.
by rizosh July 18, 2001
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the act of having oral sex performed on something.
i heard she mouthasized a lot of wang in her day.
by rizosh July 18, 2001
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to go against everything you stand for for money or women or any other forms of property (he he, jk ladies).
Roshan bleached his hair and got some bleu colour contacts. he's such a sellout to his race.

by rizosh July 16, 2001
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