NoTTY : A non interactive session eg. scp
sshd: root@notty - oh fuck i've been hacked!
by notty-san December 26, 2012
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"when ur friend doesnt do the work they have been asked to do, becuase they were tired"
flo didnt do her mandarin work when she was supposed to, she is very notty
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when people say somebody’s something they’re really not.
person #1: dude, that girl is suchhhhhh a hoe. oh my god

person #2: omg don’t say that. just because she hangs around a lot of guys, doesn’t mean she is. don’t be notty. tf
by Anonymous104789 March 21, 2018
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1) to not attend
2) to switch ones attention elsewhere
3) to make a poor effort at being present
4) making oneself scarce for a required attendance
"Are you going to lectures today?" "Nah, think I'm going to do a notty"
by Daniel Stevens November 3, 2006
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an unattractive girl who hangs out with a group of Hotties at a party, whose job is it to make sure her friends do not hook up and leave her at the end of the night. she will put down every joke that a male tries to use on her hot friend and will publicly point out every oddity in his appearance.
I was on that ball with some hottie last night when her nottie roomate totally made fun of my threads.
by rizosh July 16, 2001
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It never fails, chicks come in pairs: the hottie and the nottie, you get the nottie.
by Jonnyguano September 26, 2005
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1. Can be used as an insult or derogatory term: stupid, base, dumbass, etc. Similar to the Chinese Term: "Minjaye" (pronounced Min Jay). Can also replace curse words or expletives.

2. A female adult actress
Person 1: Dude you're such a Notty.
Person 2: *shouts in chinese* Shut the fuck up, you Minjaye.

Person 1: Have you seen Notty's latest vid? It was so caliente.
Person 2: You watch Notty. You're such a damn Notty.
by Cheesemeese November 23, 2020
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