a group of ugly girls hanging out in one location. opposite of hotties.
Example: There was nothing but notties at the bar last night.
by Dr Crackenstein August 17, 2013
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1) to not attend
2) to switch ones attention elsewhere
3) to make a poor effort at being present
4) making oneself scarce for a required attendance
"Are you going to lectures today?" "Nah, think I'm going to do a notty"
by Daniel Stevens November 03, 2006
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when people say somebody’s something they’re really not.
person #1: dude, that girl is suchhhhhh a hoe. oh my god

person #2: omg don’t say that. just because she hangs around a lot of guys, doesn’t mean she is. don’t be notty. tf
by Anonymous104789 March 20, 2018
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