The Most Sexiest male alive; attracts any girl with either humor or flirtatious desires.
Known to be the best husbands out there.
I love that guy Markus, theres just something about him that I like
by Aol inc. July 10, 2008
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Markus is the most awesome man in the whole existence.
He is mostly know for his unhumanly high IQ and superhuman strength.
His voice makes everyone have an eargasm especially def people.
He can make you rip your clothes of and make love to him just by looking at you. And also he is fantastic in bed.
He used to be a god, but is was to lame for him.
He is super sexy and handsome.
That is gigantic, is your name Markus?
Is that gods face, or Makus?
by TotalyNotMarkus August 16, 2013
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A man who has a giving and loving heart of gold. He has a smile and a laugh that will make any girl instantly fall in love. He is always true to his word and faithful in a relationship. He always looks for ways to please people, and finds ways to make everything better. He is the best friend and lover anyone could have. It's even been said he has some sort of super power, and is the worlds greatest video gamer!
Angel: Markus is the most amazing person in the universe !
by ADM201101 August 11, 2011
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Litterally the most amazing misunderstood soul you will ever meet. Deserves to be happy, yet cannot be because of silly people! But by tonight will be happy. Yes you are reading this correctly mr. Bwahahaha Now smile Markus your amazing :)
Me: you are such a markus
Person 1: Thanks man that's such an honor
by He' latin lova March 27, 2011
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Markus. Amazing boy that will steal your heart. Loving. Caring. Puts you first. A smile to die for. Will melt you with one look. Stop at nothing for your heart. Know what he wants and won't stop at nothing. Has a dark side that you have to break through. When your not with him it's hard. And every time you hear his name. You melt and tingle and your muscles tenses.
Markus is my everything and with out him I'd fall apart
by M2a2rs22 October 02, 2018
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The cutest, most charming person alive. He is able to catch hearts of not just women but everyone. Anyone who has him his lucky to have them theirs.
"That Markus is pretty cute."
"Yeah, but he's already taken."
by Insertsomethingedgyhere July 26, 2017
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Derived from the latin 'Markulus', the erotic art of achieving satisfaction using only gym equipment. The Markus is a coloquial term for when an exceedingly muscular individual lubricates two large dumbells with orange juice (with bits) and proceeds to conquer one's own inner majesty.
This activity has strictly homosexual connotations, females are welcome only during the ceremonial juice dousing of the dumbells. i.e. full blown rectal and oral enlightenment by cold hard iron, hence the term 'Pumping Iron'. Interestingly, participants commonly display disappointing hand-eye co-ordination, particularly when playing ping pong.
Greg: Did you see that?

Penelope: What?
Graham: He just performed the Markus.
Penelope: That looked painful.
Greg: He's going to hell, he should go to confession.
Charwin: Wakey wakey hand's off snakey ;)
Penelope: Why the fuck is Charwin here?
by Lubricated dumbell (with bits) December 15, 2016
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