Usually referred to as a NAR.
Pronounced: gnar as in the first half of gnarly

Def: When 2 people are seeing one another on a regular basis for a lengthy amount of time they usually can be give the title. This couple will act as if they are in a relationship, but will not call each other “boyfriend/girlfriend,” but may use pet names such as “honey, baby, snookums, ect”

This word can be used up to the extreme of 2 people cohabitating for many years, having kids, mixing bank accounts; at this point it would be referred as a Not A Marriage.
Patrick: Ruby and Zeph are always together, they are hanging out all the time. I think he is taking her to Thanksgiving dinner!
Sheena: So are they an item?
Patrick: No, its just a NAR (Not A Relationship)! I asked them about it last night.
by Bessie Lou November 5, 2009
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Some BS that FB made up to let all your friends/everyone else know who you’re currently fucking.....Stealth motherfuckers(who think they’re sneaky as fuck),just put “in a relationship”,without really specifying who it is(that they’re fucking).....Really,it’s not an official relationship status.....Women like to put it on their relationship status(to keep all of the hard dicks away),and men like to put it(to let everyone know who they’re fucking,and that they’re fucking someone currently).....Doesn’t really matter(who it is),they’re fucking.....As long as they are.
“Is that who Barbara is currently fucking?”....”How can she be “in a relationship”,when her sorry ass is married?”....”.Why is she pretending to be available when she’s not?”.
by jim6471 November 17, 2020
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It's okay that we had a fight in front of you, we're in a relationship.

It's fine that we called each other pet names and kissed in front of you, we're in a relationship.

It's okay that we had sex in the other room and you heard it, we're in a relationship.
by Ereck Flowers December 15, 2010
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A type of ship where there is a minimum requirement of at least two people to board. These ships can be either a very good experience to the people or very bad. These ships more often than not sink, crash, or disappear. On very rare occasions the ships stay afloat for long periods of time.
Guy One: "You bought a boat?"
Guy Two: "Yeah."
Guy One: "What are you going to call it?"
Guy Two: "The Relationship."

Guy One: "So what happened to 'The Relationship'?"
Guy Two: "It sunk after six months. I couldn't devote my time to maintain it."
by FrickleFrackle22 August 28, 2009
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Rooted in the fields of cognitive science and social intelligence, Relationshipism is the theory of being relationship-centered in all aspects of life and especially in organizations. Through the practice of Relationshipism, which emphasizes building trust among teams through authentic relationships, people feel empowered to satisfy their own purpose and to work towards a common goal.
First Star Communications saw a 10% profit increase within 12 months of incorporating Relationshipism.
by Yvé October 17, 2019
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Dealing with another person's messiness.
David did Miranda's laundry, clearly they are in a relationship.
by mirambo55 February 26, 2017
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Something that single guys want, but then eventually complain about, become single again and the vicious cycle repeats.
Guy 1: yeah! I finally asked Sarah out and she said yes!
Guy 2: Well done mate!
-2 weeks later-
Guy 1: Oh my god! Sarah is driving me mad! I'm gonna end it!
Guy 2: I've got your back, bitches be crazy!
-2 more weeks later-
Guy 1: Why'd I end it with Sarah? She was so hot!
Guy 2: That's a relationship for you!
by Some Guy 090 February 17, 2013
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