One of the most kindest people I know. She always is willing to help and asks for nothing in return. She is loving and caring who doesn't think she is pretty or even special, but she doesn't need to. She is beautiful inside and out.

Her negatives are really strengths and she can achieve anything she puts her mind to it. She makes her own mind and doesn't worry what other may say. She is someone to miss everyday and someone to hold for hours.

She is unique in so many ways, I wouldn't know what to do if I lost her. She has changed my life and changed me as a person. Spending time with her is the only thing I look forward too. She is Sheena and i am glad I am apart of her life.

"Age is just a number and that shouldn't decide what we deserve in life".
by Your Meerkat Friend May 26, 2016
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If you ever find a Sheena born in April you can thank your lucky stars. Never let her go. Sharp mouth, sassy ways and walk will draw you in. Her smile, joy and playful ways will make you forget your true age. When you see her she lights up the room without even saying a word.

Mother, wife and best friend. Marriage material. You will never find a humble and loving person again. You will never find a women that will love and care for you like she does. She will always be proud of the man that's in her life. Sheena is perfect and diverse. Patient and understanding. She can be sexy, beautiful, cute, pretty and hot. This lady is once in a lifetime. If she steps into your life be prepared for change. She will open you up to a whole new wave of emotions. She will show you why it never worked with anyone else. A gift from the universe to you something that can never be bought. She will cherish you and fight for you. Courage and strength is the foundation. She will guide you through your darkness. She will stand by your side no matter what life throws at you. Honest and loyal to a fault, never betray or lie to you. Always gives more than she gets. When Sheena tells you that she loves you never take her for granted. If you don't feel it, let her go, if the universe sends her back to you treat her like gold. Passion, love, compassion and affection this beautiful beast of a lady will set your heart on fire if you open up your true self to her. She is the one that will complete you.
Sheena is a gift to you from the universe.
by UrbanLawyer December 13, 2019
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When a Sheena walks into the room, time stops. No others compare to these women. Sheena's are the most provocative and alurring ladies within a 100,000 mile radius. A smile so heart stopping, you would think she were made of platinum and extacy. So you lost a girl? -- Who cares - if she wasn't a Sheena. If you have ever lost a Sheena... There's no greater lost ever felt in the history of mankind. This Sheena is only the closest thing mankind has to perfection. A genuine fantasy wrapped in satin and curls, a very fragile creature who never sticks around to be toyed with... Why? Because Sheena's are beautitul & amazing.
Alex - "I .. think .. my heart .. just stopped ... beating..."
Sheena - "Yes. -- Yes, I am breaking up with you."
Alex - "I might as well die... I lost a Sheena."
by Wiser Man February 5, 2010
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A hypnotizing woman that magnetically attracts people. Most people are intimidated by her. Don't look into her eyes though, you'll go through heaven and hell all in one second.
Sheena-"hey sean what color do my eyes look in the sun over here"
Sean-"holy shit. Most beautiful thing iv'e ever seen." crying
by Kinadawg[: February 8, 2009
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The prettiest and strongest person i have ever met. Though she's a cutie both in size and personality, i know that i love her with all my heart. And I'm planning to make her my wife someday. My one and only babi.
Someone: Why do you look so happy?
Me: Sheena is making me happy.
by neniko June 16, 2021
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1. One who specializes in interpretive dancing and other various activities.

2. One who likes to hide things all for world domination.

3. A famous celebrity

4. A model
"That chick is an amazing dancer..... such a Sheena!"
"What an odd preformance.... must have been done by a Sheena"

"My axe is missing..... let's blame it on the Sheenas!"

"Paparazzi! Over there.... look theres a Sheena!"
"Sheena looks great on the red carpet!"

"Yoo, can i get your autograph, you look like a Sheena?"
"Are you a Sheena.... I think I saw you in a commercial or magazine?"
by footballplayerforlife May 24, 2009
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She's a Banana 🍌
Can you pass me that sheena, I'm hungry.
by Bear bear 🐻 November 23, 2021
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