A very sexual name, Zeph(s) can seduce women without effort.
they're lives revolve subconsciously around the Laws of Attraction and are very talented people, with a very admiring sense of Fashion

Zeph(s) are often Beautiful people with minds alike. their "Strive for Excellence" ego has helped them become one of the highest form of Human beings,

like John Stamos
"Oh Zeph! wherefore art thou Zeph?!
let me be the palm on that hand so I may thou' touch thy' cock."
by Cookie Dough Boy =D May 22, 2009
Zephs are the most sensual beings to ever exist. Make sure to inform your loved ones before introducing them to a Zeph because they will do anything in their power to sleep with them, as will you too. Zephs are the hottest and well loved beings in the universe, so if you ever do come across one treat them well.
by Zephaniah Kedros September 5, 2018
A verb, describing the action of leaving one's current task to get a beverage.
"Where did Chris go?"

"Oh, he's just doing a zeph."
by Fighterpilot09 May 3, 2018
The act of hanging one's self with the saggy ball sack of an old man by stuffing the testicles inside the mouth and wrapping the remainder of the sack around one's neck, leaving just enough to be able to hang, until asphyxiation is achieved. The word can be applied to situations or people that make one want to commit this act.
"This line is such a zeph, we've been waiting here for hours."

"You're such a zeph."
by Bus5sucks October 19, 2014
Horny internet type, commonly female
<zeph> Nick bend me over.
by Frank Zappa October 6, 2003
A catch-all term for a doxxer and "internet investigator", sometimes used in verb form. Also sometimes used in place of the derogatory term "cuck".
That fucking Zeph has my address!
Don't piss that guy off, he'll Zeph you.
Wow, that methhead chick really Zephed him.
by RReaganHuckabee January 24, 2018
Someone who is a hipster, but is way too old to be one. They usually like cats and use way too much hair product.
This zeph totally hit on me today, but I said no way.
by flowerpot1234 September 17, 2012