Usually referring to Facebook, it is proof that you are dating someone and it is you telling the world to fuck off your dick.
Relationship status: This bitch is now dating that bitch, so leave the bitches alone. Facebook official they say.
by Realityistherealdeal December 30, 2014
A joke relationship status on Facebook made after a serious one has just been terminated. This makes it so one's status is not set to nothing (or worse to "Single"). Common BFR's are: It's Complicated with, Married to...ect. They are usually set around one to three months, until the person can set their status as "Single" shamelessly.
Yeah, well Mary and Jack broke up. So I think it's just her Buffer Relationship Status
by sammysan517 February 26, 2011
To have romantic or sexual relations with someone while going beyond the limitations of their Facebook Relationship Status.
I performed a Facebook Relationship Status Override (FRSO) with Camila on Friday night.
by FRSO Guy April 19, 2010