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A type of ship where there is a minimum requirement of at least two people to board. These ships can be either a very good experience to the people or very bad. These ships more often than not sink, crash, or disappear. On very rare occasions the ships stay afloat for long periods of time.
Guy One: "You bought a boat?"
Guy Two: "Yeah."
Guy One: "What are you going to call it?"
Guy Two: "The Relationship."

Guy One: "So what happened to 'The Relationship'?"
Guy Two: "It sunk after six months. I couldn't devote my time to maintain it."
by FrickleFrackle22 August 28, 2009

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The retarded step child of Coca-Cola products. Basically the employees of Coca-cola thought it would be really funny to take the original formula of Coke, put MORE carbonated water and LESS syrup into the mix, then add a small amount of heroin and a mysterious amount of drain cleaner. They sold their first batch on April 1st, 1939 in a small disclosed location. One year later the formula was brought to the public and those addicted those too stupid enough to read the ingredients.
Guy One: "What are you drinking?"
Guy Two: "Pepsi. Would you like some?"
Guy One: "Some of that jacked up, inbred soda product? Hell no!"

Guy One: "I used to drink pepsi until I got diagnosed with cancer."
by FrickleFrackle22 August 24, 2009

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