Being a nose- A nose is someone getting involved in other people’s business(being nosey)
Keeley is being a nose
by insta-will_zeigne April 14, 2020
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Being a "nose" often contains a large expression towards video game characters, anime or even pop idols. You're labeled as a nose if you:
a) Call people gay despite the fact you wear your girlfriends jeans and shirts

b) If you attack people because you simply aren't accepted into a secret or inside joke
c) Who often brings no money to shopping and never pay people back
d) If you pretend to be a video game character or anime character

e) If you become incredibly obsessed with something after doing it for a day
f) If you have a girlfriend and ditch friends for a special "hug" of his ex girlfriend
g) If you commentate peoples lives in third person whilst explaining a situation
h) If you repeat phrases of YouTube videos nobody has ever watched
i) If you call people copycats for wearing black skinny jeans
Two friends speaking about the skating last night.
A: It was really good, I really like the fact that your board has secure trucks
B: Thanks! Could I borrow your skate tool one time?
A: Sure, no problem. Just return it and don't do a nose.

Nose wanders up to the scene, wearing ladies jeans with red knuckles, rolling money around in his hand, wearing an anime shirt, holding Legolas' bow, and charging up to us.

Nose: Nya, does anybody remember that YouTube video when he goes up to his friend and throws a water balloon into the back of his head? It has around 700 views. "I remember it really clearly, it was only a moment when he came up and hit me with a water balloon". I REALLY THINK YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT.
B: Fuck off nose, you're not wanted here.
by Mechagaz April 4, 2015
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Something that needs to stay on everyone's face and out of my ass.
If I were a dog I'd shit then piss on you for having your nose up my ass.
by Stiletto 42 March 29, 2021
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The ugly long thing in the middle of your face. If it's too big you usually get made fun of a lot and called ugly or people say " look at that person with the big nose" in public or right to your face.

It really can make or break a face. If you have an ugly or big nose it usually determines whether you look good or not.
I always get made fun of for my big nose.
by sarak0 November 14, 2008
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The very noticeable feature in the center of a person's face that enables one to have the sense of smell. When a person has a cold or allergies, this sloping facial structure usually gets the worst of it. Noses come in various shapes and sizes, some big or small, others fat or long and skinny.
I find girls with long noses to be attractive.
by The Midwestrn Soldier March 25, 2005
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A commonly used tool amongst coke heads.
My nose is bleeding from all this cocaine!
by Robert Carey-Peterson October 6, 2005
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