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Paper product used as a barrier against unwanted messes, such as the liner at the bottom of a bird cage.
Please put a New York Times under that before it gets all over the place.
by Phaedrus331 February 12, 2021
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Being a nose- A nose is someone getting involved in other people’s business(being nosey)
Keeley is being a nose
by insta-will_zeigne April 13, 2020
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The long thing in the middle of your face. Some people have small ones, some people have big ones (the people with big ones are usually called Dave).
Oh my god Dave, that's a massive nose!
by Colin fallon March 28, 2004
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big thingy on your face used for...

1. smelling
2. drugs
3. other disturbing things
pulling nose hairs is quite painful
by wakalakalover45 March 22, 2005
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Being a "nose" often contains a large expression towards video game characters, anime or even pop idols. You're labeled as a nose if you:
a) Call people gay despite the fact you wear your girlfriends jeans and shirts

b) If you attack people because you simply aren't accepted into a secret or inside joke
c) Who often brings no money to shopping and never pay people back
d) If you pretend to be a video game character or anime character

e) If you become incredibly obsessed with something after doing it for a day
f) If you have a girlfriend and ditch friends for a special "hug" of his ex girlfriend
g) If you commentate peoples lives in third person whilst explaining a situation
h) If you repeat phrases of YouTube videos nobody has ever watched
i) If you call people copycats for wearing black skinny jeans
Two friends speaking about the skating last night.
A: It was really good, I really like the fact that your board has secure trucks
B: Thanks! Could I borrow your skate tool one time?
A: Sure, no problem. Just return it and don't do a nose.

Nose wanders up to the scene, wearing ladies jeans with red knuckles, rolling money around in his hand, wearing an anime shirt, holding Legolas' bow, and charging up to us.

Nose: Nya, does anybody remember that YouTube video when he goes up to his friend and throws a water balloon into the back of his head? It has around 700 views. "I remember it really clearly, it was only a moment when he came up and hit me with a water balloon". I REALLY THINK YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT.
B: Fuck off nose, you're not wanted here.
by Mechagaz April 04, 2015
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One of god's mysteries. A person's nose is about as unique as their DNA. Some people have large noses. Some people have small noses. Some people have curved noses that make them look like they got punched in the face... hard. And the biggest questions... why do we have two nostrals?

Many people never wash their nose. When tihs happens, the creases on the side of the nose become red. The nose produces more oil than any other part of the face.

The nose has the potential to ruin a date. We breathe through our nose for two reasons. One is so that we can constantly be aware of any smell, and two so that we don't share our bad breath that comes out of our mouth. Snot is also drained through the nose. This is the worst part about the nose. If you have snot in your nose, you can make embarassing sounds just by breathing. If you sniff your nose, you let everyone in the whole room know that you have boogers. If you don't sniff your nose, snot will run out, and boogers will eventually be blown out.

The nose has the potential to be more embarassing than a fart. It is a very good idea to thoroughly blow your nose before a social setting. Since many people are not socially outgoing enough to blow their nose in front of others, they discreetly whipe their nose if they have snot or pick thier nose if their have boogers.
There is snot dripping out of your nose.
by Kenny Decius January 03, 2005
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