The colloquial name to describe one with the unfortunate luck of having an abnormally large nose.

Seeing 'THE NOSE' is a signal the world is about to end.
by bieberblast23 May 2, 2011
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Origin of "noses," is most likely from the card game in which players attempt to grab spoons before their opponents and place them on their nose when a player has accumulated four of a kind. The last one to do so, drops out of the game and all others are still in.

In respects, noses is a silent form of, not it. It is used to exclude one party from a desired item or action. When a situation arises where not every person in the group can benefit from, one person calls noses and places the index finger on the tip of the nose. Every else follows suit and keeps their finger on their nose until the game is over. The last person, or the one who doesn’t, is the loser, and therefore does not get what is being sought after.

Noses works in ways, opposite to shoddy
A: Listen guys, I can fit only 3 people in my car, so that means one of you has to get left behind.
B: Alright... Noses! *places finger on nose*
C: *places finger on nose*
D: *places finger on nose*
E: ... shit.
A: See ya later, E.
by The Legendary Ironwood March 14, 2005
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To be nudged (often repeatedly) with a nose, such as a young puppy might do to push a sibling aside to make room in a basket.

Can also refer to "nosing" an alcoholic drink, and in a drunken fit of blaming, saying that the alcohol did something to the nose instead. Similar to "I got in a fight." vs "I started a fight."
"Bob nosed me."

"I got sooooooooo nosed."
by xotl January 10, 2012
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Rubbing one's nose lightly across another person's skin. This is how asexual sex is performed, and is most common in the facial region, but is by no means limited to that area.
I love nosing because it feels so nice against my skin, and is such a pleasing sensation.
by AsexualKiwi March 22, 2015
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In horse racing, refers to a "win" bet, which pays out only if the chosen horse takes first place.
Five dollars on #2 in the second race, on the nose.
by TheNicestGuy July 18, 2018
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