Puking and diarreah at the same time. Can be from either a sickness like the flu or from a really bad hangover.
Johan couldn't pay someone enough to clean the bathroom after a 6 hour bout of the north and souths after drinking the entire bottle of Jager the night before.
by artgod33 January 21, 2009
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A sexual connotation for two partners to get 69. It is typically used for two women.
Dude, I was at a party the other day and these two hot bitches got north and south while I rubbed one out.
by Ron Coleman February 16, 2009
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North South is a 3-day tournament held in Northern or Southern California. It is an all-star team composed of Asian basketball players that play advanced high school basketball.

The North/South tournament was created to provide a platform where top Asian players could display their skills on a higher level with top-notch competition throughout
the state. The players selected for this event are nominated by organizations, coaches, and committee members throughout California. Athletic ability, leadership, and sportsmanship are all played a part in the selection process.

Each team is comprised of ten (10) players in the same grade level. They play against their counterpart in a three game series and the overall winner is determined by total games won in all divisions.
Did you make north south this year?

Yeah, I did! I was so happy I thought I'd explode when I got the call!
by ballin all day all night August 10, 2010
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Your mouth. Also known as your suck hole.
Person 1: I said -

Person 2: hey! Your north & south, close it! Shut your suck hole!
by benjaminblanco May 6, 2021
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The act of vigorously rubbing one's penis in an up and down fashion either between the breasts, or the buttocks, of a woman. This activity is often accompanied by cries of jubilation and triumph in order to further stimulate and encourage the woman to prepare herself for sexual congress.
"Man, I gave her such a solid north-southing last night. I ran those knockers right through."

"Dude, look how tight her ass is. Would love to give that an ole north-southing."
by The Brownhornet August 24, 2006
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