Johan is a form of the name John, meaning grace.
A Johan has a boy-like nature and loves playing pranks, playstation and even geeky at times. He loves watching people fall over or when stunts go wrong.
Usually known for being big rugby players, Johans love to cook and drink beer at the same time, laughing with the lads and talking about sports.
"Where's Johan?"
"Over there setting fire to himself"
That'stypical johan
by Doofidad May 03, 2013
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A very sexy looking guy who everyone loves and he is known to be very funny. He is also the type of guy that will care for you and a guy you can depend on.But also he is trill and very athletic.
He looks like Johan
by Alessandra Gomez November 21, 2016
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This name is associated with super awesome people. A Johan will usually enjoy past times like playing guitar and palying World of Warcraft. They are people that will make you feel so happy that you wake up every morning thinking that you are the luckiest person alive to have them in your life. A Johan is not only tall, dark and handsome, but they also have stunning eyes. They also pronounce words such as "fluffy" and "bunny" very cutely. People love a Johan very very much.
Carla : "Wow, that Johan makes me so happy. I love him. "
by Trudie 08/12/2010 November 09, 2011
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an asshole,bangs bitches gets money and doesnt give a fuck about your feelings, says whats on his mind and if you dont like it "fuck it"
i cant believe she slept with johan
by justin217 July 28, 2011
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Look at that guy, looks like the Hulk. Its a goddam beast.
look at Johan, it is a famous BeastTank
by WilcoB October 28, 2008
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