Easy, two lines intersecting orthogonally.
on a Cartesian Coo0rdinate Plane there are three normal planes.
by jimmyjonesjhonson February 5, 2012
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A town in central Illinois, whose name fits all too well. This town is conservative and boring.
Person 1: Have you ever been to Normal, Illinois?

Person 2: Yes. Once. I left immediately.
by That one person guy June 28, 2007
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Mom, what do I set this to wash my hoodie?

Set it to normal dear.
by Slimstrongswift May 13, 2014
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somthing decided as a norm by a group or as a group
Who ever thinks he's gay say "I"
by SPAWN-ANGEL March 3, 2004
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something society pretends to be, but no single individual pretends to be.
"you don't look like a NORMAL person"
"does anyone look normal?"
by Sossololpipi June 7, 2021
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A place in Illinois, which, itself, is in the United States of America.
We drove from Chicago, to Athens, to Sparta, and to Normal, all without even leaving the state.
by MarshallPlan May 8, 2019
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