Normal? Normal all depends on society's current definition. Normal is society's accepted limits on a person's occupation, appearance, background, views on life/religion, and personality. Normal is a crock of shit. In a world of nearly 7 billion, the radical differences between all people don't allow for a definition on what is the average human being. Be whoever the hell you want to be, and tell society to shove it up their ass. Stop trying to define, and start trying to live
Moron 1- "See that guy with the weird clothes listening to Indie music with that anarchy sticker on his laptop?"

Moron 2- "Yeah, ew. What a freak."

Guy- "Shove it up your ass. Normal is just a statistic."
by SocialFauxPas April 16, 2011
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conforming to social normality and therefore a pointless oxymoron
If the world simultaneously started to believe they were a block of cheese called jeff and you did not you are therefore abnormal
by Aleksandr Orlov January 4, 2011
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A synonym of boring and an opposite of arts kid. Normal people typically lead very non-interesting lives and make up many statistics
See that man with an office job and 2.5 kids? He's so normal it hurts.
by littledrummergirl January 22, 2013
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Normal is usually used by the general society to generalise the things they do everyday. Watching TV, for example, is considered normal. Except, that is isn't the case. Who is exactly, normal? Normal was made by people who think that everyone else that act much differently to them are not-normal. You see, Normal is Relative. To explain, Bronies are typically perceived by society as fat losers who share an unhealthy obsession to a cartoon made for little girls. They, however, see themselves as completely normal human beings who share a love for a television program.

A lot of things generally perceived as Normal by society's standards are horribly dangerous. Like sitting. Sitting is an extremely dangerous thing to do that will destroy your long-term life span and yet billions of us do it every single fucking day. Snorting cocaine is considered normal among models but not among "Normal" people. Drinking coffee is considered "Normal" among Americans but not among Turks. Running 25 kilometers every morning is considered "Normal" among athelets but not among lazy people.

The point is...
Normal is Relative
by MehShotgun February 23, 2015
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Boring. The primary descriptor for uninteresting people who don't have anything valuable to say but insist that they do with shocking regularity.
Once upon a time, a man thought he was normal. Then he realized he was just as boring as a flobberworm.
by Master_Blaster June 28, 2012
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A word made up by this corrupt society so they could single out and attack those who are different
Normal is nothing but a word made up by society
by Bill October 7, 2005
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