1) what is socially acceptable

2) How people believe other people should act
Being with a group of people and preaching the gospel can be normal. But being around a different group of people and talking about the gospel can be view as very weird. Therefore "normal" depends on what in different social groups is accepted.

I am social, and my friends accept me, therefore I am normal (to them)

"It is weird to be normal and normal to be weird" -Dr Seuss
by Daniexo November 18, 2013
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A non-exceptional individual with nothing uncommon about them who despise on others for being distinctive, interesting or "not typical" even in the scarcest.

Individuals who are Normal would state that somebody with Autism is Retarded.

Individuals who are Normal would state that somebody who is Gay fucks Animals.
You're just despising and putting us down in light of the fact that you are Normal.
by Larry Koopa January 17, 2017
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Something no one is, but for some reason strive to be.
Normal? No such thing.
by Words120 October 28, 2007
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1. What bitches say about you when you're not like them

2. What your NOT when you're being yourself..
by peopleRdumbfoREAL December 11, 2010
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The pepperoni is on top of the cheese on a pizza.
Mom: "Do you want the pepperoni on top of the cheese?"
MacKenzie: "Yeah, that's the normal way."
by ifucklikeatiger June 23, 2011
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The state in being the same as everyone else.
Person: Why aren't you more normal?
Me: Read my definition. Does it look like I want to be like everyone else?
by LOLtasticals ~<3 January 8, 2008
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