Annie is so normal, its so so so normal
by SvveetMavis December 9, 2022
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The illusion that everyone has the capability to be the same.
by Ashiatta June 21, 2015
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Free of drama and/or lacking insane tendencies. What you see is what you get. Even-keeled, thoughtful, healthy, well-adjusted. Relatable. Works well with others. Makes sound decisions based on logic and reasoning.
Tracey: what's that new guy like that you met on Tinder?
Becky: he's so normal, omg *swoon* I can't believe it!

Tracey: seriously? That's hot!
sane tinder unicorn
by Supercheeky July 3, 2017
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What everybody actually is underneath all the bullshit. The idea that normal is a bad thing is introduced into the minds of the young and impressionable to fuck them up by people who get off on ruining peoples lives and cashing in on it. Normal is healthy and sane.
Arseclown: 'You're so normal lolz'

Normal Guy: 'Eat shit and die like everybody else'
by boringnormalguy December 6, 2012
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1) A myth created by boring people
2) a boring person
"She's such a normal"
"Normal? What's that?"
"Oh, I think it's one of those urban legends."
by Sophie Sock-Sorter September 8, 2012
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Normal is nonexistant. It's known as a metaphor for non-existance. Such as "David's euphoria was normal" or "Sally's virginity was normal". People often use normal. It is widely considered that George Bush is normal.

The original source of normalness is widely questioned, as normal is still trying to find his biological parents. Normal was adopted after being orphaned by existance. Then Dick Cheney joined the normal team and imploded. Now the impaling has started on people against normal. Normal is running in a political election against Michael Jackson and is hoping to rule the world. His plans on keeping world peace is to "Normalize everyone".

Once normalization is complete, normal can sit back and watch the tides. Nobody yet understands Normal's artistically inclined self, yet he is known to be written in normal poetry from normal emo kids. These emo kids have normally good poetry, and anyones willingness to read it is normal.
by kodiac1 July 8, 2006
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