Breasts. Australian slang. Derived from the prominent udders on the cow used to advertise Norco, New South Wales' North Coast Dairy Co-Operative.
Crikey! Check out the norks on that shiela!
by Skyring August 6, 2004
A relative term reserved for exclamation and surprise (usually positive) when referring to a lady's breasts that are blessed beyond fair proportion to her frame.
"Sweet Lord! check out the Norks on that filly"
by mighty mat July 27, 2012
Slang for North Koreans. Somewhat derragatory.
Those damn Norks are gearing up for an attack!
by Dee_Jay May 12, 2005
Norks: The primary collaboration between both nerds and dorks.
"Oh my gah! Look at those norks over there playing W.O.W."
by M+M 109 March 10, 2010
A furious bout of anal sex, often without lube.
I'd rather leak santorum for a week than have a nork.
by Jane H. May 4, 2005
To be under the influence of hydrocodone. ( Taken in LARGE doses )
Did you see Randy yesterday? Fuckhead swallowed 20 Vicodins. Sweating like a blob and wouldn't shut the fuck up. He was fuckin' NORKED up!!!!!!!
by Big Polla June 2, 2013