Breasts. Australian slang. Derived from the prominent udders on the cow used to advertise Norco, New South Wales' North Coast Dairy Co-Operative.
Crikey! Check out the norks on that shiela!
by Skyring August 06, 2004
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A relative term reserved for exclamation and surprise (usually positive) when referring to a lady's breasts that are blessed beyond fair proportion to her frame.
"Sweet Lord! check out the Norks on that filly"
by mighty mat July 27, 2012
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Norks: The primary collaboration between both nerds and dorks.
"Oh my gah! Look at those norks over there playing W.O.W."
by M+M 109 March 10, 2010
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A furious bout of anal sex, often without lube.
I'd rather leak santorum for a week than have a nork.
by Jane H. May 04, 2005
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To be under the influence of hydrocodone. ( Taken in LARGE doses )
Did you see Randy yesterday? Fuckhead swallowed 20 Vicodins. Sweating like a blob and wouldn't shut the fuck up. He was fuckin' NORKED up!!!!!!!
by Big Polla June 02, 2013
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