Getting ready, prepared,or planing your next move with all needed resources
The family was gearing up for their trip next month.
by Larry Fotta July 23, 2006
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To step up to the challenge, get motivated, work harder to get the job done. Man up. Entice. Motivational statement.
person 1 - "i'm really struggling to all this done in time..."

person 2 - "you're gonna have to gear up mate."
by someoneathts December 6, 2009
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to get ready to smoke marijuanna or gear/ smoking before attending a social function.
dude, the bbq is going to be lame.
fuck that, i'm gonna gear up for it.
by bonerz September 30, 2007
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Your ready for sex.
Jon is all geared up for his girl tonight.
by Justin February 21, 2004
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A line spoken by the Engineer class from the game "Team Fortress 2", usually used to indicate the movement of one of his structures or "buildings"
"Gotta move that gear up!"-Engineer
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Gearing up for smallies simply means you are doing everything in your power to get the inside advantage on catching long dong small mouth bass. This is not limited to- buying OD rats, buying Baby FishEverything haters, buying split ring pliers from your local Walmart at 11 o’clock pm and or slapping so many slaps on your fishing vessel of choice that you nearly double it’s resale value.
Hey Philip, you want to go fish for some bass?”

“Ya Adrian!”

“Phil what’s taking so long?”

“Sorry man been Gearing up for smallies, you know how long that can take.”

Oh my bad Phil, ya I understand that.”
by IheartbASS October 24, 2019
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