Of, or like, the 'noodle' appendages of: The Flying Spaghetti Monster. A description of Their Noodliness.

As in: May you be touched by Their noodly appendage, R'amen!
The Noodly one rains Parmesan upon the children of those you love. But those who hate you will only eat wood-pulp. R'amen.
by Daemien Moo February 9, 2020
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Being of or like a noodle; wobbly, tired, floppy, drooping onto the person next to you.
"Look at that noodly woman, she can barely stand with her noodly legs"
by Cluck Cluck January 19, 2006
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feeling silly and falsely drunk, causing one's legs to feel like noodles.
Tripping, excessive laughter, paranoia, and temporary hinderance of motor skills usually occur.
I went out last night and I felt so noodly!
by skinsaddict March 30, 2009
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a small dirty blonde colored creature, interested mostly in eating, sleeping and other small things called 'luis'. Ocassionly ventures from its home to socialize, though prefers more isolation. Can become violent when irritated, but is generally a good pet.
Ahh! look at the Noodlie running down the steps with a bad minton racket!
by AngieObviously November 2, 2004
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inconsistent, unreliable, flip-floppy. Noodly behavior is motivated by vanity, desire for personal glory or some other selfish reason.
That bassist is overplaying. He's being noodly.
by DrTal August 17, 2007
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Description of a person who is intoxicated. thier limbs display noodle like behavior.
person a: I want to get noodly tonight!
person b: do you remember what happened last time?
peson a: ... no?
by iluvspinach4life April 22, 2010
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1. of or pertaining to noodles
2. (music) loopy, containing intertwined loops
3. floppy and droopy
Bloody oath, those noodly riffs on that Skegss track are sweet as.
by indiemanifesto September 21, 2019
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