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A rare (and valuabe) substance that noobs sweat when doing something particulary amatuer. Often refers to gamers but can be applied to numerous situations of extreme amatuerism.
1) "Hey Brad, did you see that guy try and play that pool shot around his back!"

"Yeah I know right, he was drenched in noobricant!"

2) During Halo...

"Hey n00b_pwner127, did you see that guy get hit by that warthog? He was leaking noobricant!"

"Shut up dickhead!! I'm trying to play the game!!!" n00bpwner
by water is the poor man's coke October 17, 2009
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The slippery and slimy liquid recommended for all noobs to slip into the gaming vagina
Guy 1: Man, I got my ass raped in that last game of CoD. I'm gonna walk funny for a week.
Guy 2: Should've used more noobricant.
Guy 1: Where can I get some?
Guy 2: Your local GameStop should carry the product
by Faggot McGee June 09, 2012
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