A phrase so addictive it's unbelievable.

Often followed by something the user likes or wants.

Sometimes ended in "IMO", meaning "in my opinion".
"This conversation is boring..."
"Needs more cybersex IMO."
by Moonlight. =P October 29, 2006
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1. When someone is benching and they dont have enough WEIGHT.

2. An expression used by Arnold Schwarzenegger when he goes to the gym and puts 600 points and still needs more WEIGHT, followed up by someone quickly hopping right the fuck in and putting on 100 more pounds.

3. An expression used when someone is getting totally baked and the bowl is empty
1. Arnold: Yyyaaauugghhhh! Need more WEIGHT!
Nuker: Oh fuck let me get some more WEIGHT.

2. Nuker1 lets out a fat rip
Nuker1: Need more WEIGHT!
Nuker2: Oh fuck let me pack some green really fucking fast.
Nuker1: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!
by VAde11 March 30, 2011
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This phrase was originally used by Christopher Walken on SNL with Will Ferrel. He was indicating that something needs more emphasis, or literally "Needs more cowbell".
Aired on April 8th, 2000.

This is also referenced in World of Warcraft in a quest in Outland, where you escort a ghost cow.
That was pretty good but it needs more cowbell.
by twimoon December 11, 2015
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A tern used on r/greentext to basically say "this image looks terrible". It summons a bot which turns the image into a JPEG and the more times it's replied to with 'needs more jpeg' the blockier it looks.
(Blocky picture above) needs more jpeg
by nobodyhasjams September 10, 2017
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A phrase from the film Back to the Future. It was used in the movie by the Doc to voice concern that something needs to be more powerful.

Today, we use the same phrase to explain that things need to be more powerful or better.
Jon: Dude, my MP3 player can't hold anymore songs. It's only 256MB.

Mike: Needs more jiggawatts.


Sam: This computer is too slow.

Judy: Needs more jiggawatts.


Mary: I bought a used Geo Metro. Needs more jiggawatts.

Beth: Hells yea.


Sam: How do you like these wings? I made them extra spicy.

Tony: Needs more jiggawatts!
by malcolmdog January 5, 2006
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A sarcastic way of saying you don't believe the story you're being told. You're basically "helping them" to make the story more creative, while at the same telling them you know it is a story and not actually true.
Person: "So I met Prince Harry and got his number but then I lost it."
Me: "Cool story, needs more dragons."
by MrCarlSir April 5, 2014
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originated at the focaljet by MxRacerCam. in reference to the BBC car show Top Gear and it's disdain for the C6 model chevrolet corvette's leaf-spring suspension, despite the fact that the C6 is one of the best handling cars they have ever tested.

now used in reference to any situation (and most often a thread in a forum) that is weak or without merit.
"this thread needs more leafspring"

"steeda's mom needs more leafspring"
by dave May 8, 2005
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