The same as No Homo but directed toward something racism.
Mark: That asian guy is really yellow.

John: Whoa dude!

Mark: Oops no racism.
by KBlitz March 15, 2011
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You can freely use an racist word and be ok.
"Man he said the n-word but he said no racism so it's cool." -God
by timdo_39 January 8, 2019
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Racism is a system in which a dominant race believe they are superior and benefit from the oppression of other races - whether they want to or not.

We don't live in a society where every racial group has equal power, status and opportunity.

Yes, white people all over the world throughout history have experienced slavery and persecution but have not been enslaved, colonised or forced to segregate on the scale that black people have. They do not face housing or job discrimination, police brutality, poverty or incarceration at the levels that black people do. This is not to say that they do not experience things like poverty and police brutality at all but again, not on the same scale - not even close.

Racism also crosses religious and cultural boundaries. Islamophobia is racism mixed with cultural intolerance. Islamophobia targets markers of moslem identity. Evident in how perpetrators of Islamophobic hate crime disproportionately target visibly moslem women, in the same way that racism often targets people for the colour of their skin. Islamophobes often target Sikhs because Sikhs wear turbans, wrongly believing only moslems wear turbans.

Racism isn't one race hating another, that's something you tell kids, i.e. when kids ask where do babies come from, you explain it at a level they understand, you don't get too technical.

Unfortunately many people never look into racism and their understanding of racism never advances beyond the kindergarten definition.
Racists implement systems that privilege the dominant race at every conceivable social, political and economical opportunity.

When black people are rejected from obtaining loans they cannot build wealth for future generations. When they are refused home loans to move into white neighbourhoods, they remain in poor neighbourhoods with depressed infrastructure, their kids go to underfunded overcrowded schools, drop out and with no job prospects, many end up in jail. Upon release they cannot get decent paying jobs, they remain in poor areas, their kids go to underfunded overcrowded schools, the cycle of poverty continues generation after generation. That is the reality of racism.
by Let's eradicate racism July 3, 2021
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The combination of power and racial prejudice when that prejudice affects the power. Note that racism can happen with any racial prejudice and any power structure.
When Jim Crow laws used racial prejudices to enforce mandatory segregation, the prejudices became racism.

If Person A will no hire Person B because of a prejudice against Person A's race, that is racism.

If someone random person yells a slur at you, it is prejudice, but not racism, as that person has no power over you.
by noreallyguysreally December 10, 2010
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The belief that all of America's problems are only attributable to racism
-Barber's MLK Day sermon flirted with racismism when he argued, "denying healthcare is racist, attacking immigrants is racist, denying a living wage is racist"

-Khan-Cullors put forward the racismistic argument that, "if you live in this country, if you're born and raised as a white person, you most definitely are racist."

-Vox will soon change its name to the Journal of Racismist Studies

-The trouble with racismism is that if everything's racist, nothing is racist
by Goofball2020 March 15, 2018
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When white people say or do anything that excludes other races or glorifies their own.

If any other race does it, it's being proud of who you are, not racism.
Racism: White people holding up their fists and shouting, "White Power"!

Not Racism: Black people holding up their fists and shouting, "Black Power"!
by Gabe Rudolph August 10, 2006
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1. The discrimination of another group of people based solely on superficial characteristics, with the belief that one race is superior to another.

2. A system where the minority group loses, and the dominant group benefits.

1. the discrimination of black people is a direct result of racism.

2. white privilege.
by jessicaxx February 9, 2007
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