Martin Luther King; almost every big city in the United States has a street named after him. This street is often run down and infested with drug dealing hoodlums. This creates a negative stereotype for all African-Americans. Mr. King would not be proud of you guys. cough cough....Malik...
Jimmy: "Hey Tommy, how do we get down to the strip from your house"

Silvester: "Well we take the 95 and get off at MLK and take that till Las Vegas Boulevard"

Jimmy: "Fuck you asshole, I don't feel like getting shanked today"

Silvester: "Jimmy dude chill, my car has locks"

Jimmy: "This isn't working out"
by Whitiechan August 3, 2009
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PERSON ONE: Do you want some mlk?
PERSON TWO: What's mlk?
PERSON ONE: Shit I meant milk.
by Maki January 21, 2018
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The perfect trio. Maya, liyah and kelly.
Funny, kind, and a bit strange
Josh: “Woah. Is that MLK??”
Brian: “Yeah dude. There are so hot!! 😍”
by may uh, kell uh and lee uh January 6, 2021
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Martin Luther King. When refering to MLK, you are most likely implying someone or something is MLK'ish. As in, immitating in style or persona or the sheer power of Martin Luther King.
1) Wow dawg, that student activity council speech was totally MLK worthy, mad props to you!
by dtank May 9, 2006
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an appreviation of "Martin Luda King!".. often said in order to either 1) win a conversation. 2) to persuade someone 3) To riot 4) self defense 5) battle cry 6) to gain the right of way 7) correct answer
EXP1: I screamed MLK! when I was arrested, I later was acquited.

EXP2: When Bob threw the peanut-butter jar he exclaimed MLK! MLK! MLK!

EXP3: During the riot I heard fellow nigga rioters screaming MLK! MLK!

EXP4: Joe did not know the answer to the test, therefore he wrote MLK!

EXP5: When Joe realized that he was going the wrong way on I-95 he exclaimed "MLK! MLK! MLK" in order to obtain the right of way.
by Borak July 13, 2006
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abbr. for the Greek word "malakas" (=wanker), mainly used online.
Eisai entelos gtp re mlk!
by KYR October 24, 2007
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