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Pure Bullshit.
Fresh out of the bull's arse.
by ComradeDmitri May 26, 2004
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Orwell's faultless 1948 imagination of what the world would become by 1984. A creation of a genius, since it has turned out to be true - look at political correctness!
All this bullshit around us.
by ComradeDmitri May 28, 2004
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English Football Hooligans' kit:

Chest: England sports shirt OR bare beer belly

Legs: Blue Jeans, or optionally tracksuits for the thinner hooligan

Left Hand: Brick. Preferably, attached to a string so you can throw it through a shop window and get it back without much fuss.

Right Hand: Either a half-full bottle of Carlsberg or a broken bottle of Carlsberg.

Fingers: Fake gold jewellery.

Head: Skinhead

Face: Temporary facepaint of Saint George's Cross

Feet: Reebok Classics

Pocket: Mobile phone to call other football hooligans to arrange fights

Mouth: Foul language

Cranium: A lonely brain cell
En-ger-land's finest export.
by ComradeDmitri June 11, 2004
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National Rifle Association.
Ku Klux Klan.
British National Party.
European Union.
American Nazi Party.
Most of what comes out of a far-right-wing and far-left-wing's mouth.
Examples, listed above.
by ComradeDmitri May 26, 2004
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A quiet little religious zealot. He does not force his ideas down other people's throat in the way of "OMFG ATHEISM SUX!!!!1111 LOLZ!!!!111" but rather implying, "If you're not Christian, you are nothing more than scum. If you're not Christian, you are invariably...

1. Communist.
2. Liberal (read: not extreme-right-wing)
3. Stupid.
4. Generally wrong.
"The Earth is 6000 years-old."
by ComradeDmitri June 09, 2004
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