A National holiday in which the first Friday of May you wear no pants or shorts over your underwear.
Girl: Why did dad go to the office today without his pants on?
Brother: It's the first Friday of May you retard, No Pants Day.
by /NickSavage May 7, 2010
A national holiday usually celebrated in australia on May 5th in which you wear no pants or shorts over your underwear.
I was pimping down the streets all nonchalant on May 5th when i saw someone with no pants and realized it was "no pants day".
by MonkeyPimp March 18, 2006
1) a day to stay in doors and relax in one's pajamas. 2) 24-hour period with no responsibility.
We stayed at home and watched movies all day...it was a wonderful no-pants day.
by Cycleman January 4, 2014
You have to get your hands in somebody’s pants.
Your partner comes up to you and digs his/her hands in their partner private area “ Hands In The Pants Day”.
by AllahIsLord October 31, 2021
On May 10th, it is national Eat Pant Day! This day was inspired by Soothouse. On this day, we will patiently eat each others pant as a nation.
Hey, John. It's eat pant day!
Thanks for reminding me Billy!
by Ya Like Plasma? May 10, 2018
The day you make fun of that one kid that shat their pants.
Person 1: hey remember that day you shit your pants? Well today is shit your pants day. It’s your day.

Person 2: wtf
by Yabitchestyrone April 18, 2018