On the special day a boy gets one use of this and whoever he sends it to HAS to do it.

Chad: hey Jessica it’s may 5th u know wat that mean

Jessica: wat does it mean?

Chad: whip out ur tittys

Jessica: ugh fine only because it’s this special day
by Joe mamba May 5, 2020
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My birthday but also twerk on your friend day and the can not resist
Person 1: It’s may 5th Its my birthday bitches
Person 2: ight so twerk
by Jayy4L October 19, 2021
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AKA Cinco de Mayo.
The day of emense party in Mexico and anywhere else that wants a good time.
"Whats today?"
"May 5th, why?"
by Tiferdoodle December 6, 2008
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May 5th is the day you hit someone medium-sized. A medium-sized person can be any height, but the inches in their height has to be ‘5.
Person 1: Hey, do you know what day it is?
Person 2: Yeah, it’s May 5th, hit medium people day!
by V1ney December 11, 2020
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National ask your crush for his/her hoodie day... they must give it to you❤️
Girl: can I have your hoodie it’s may 5th
Boy: what’s may 5th?
Girl: national ask your crush for there hoodie day
by May 5, 2021
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What alot of ignorant people call Mexican independence day but in reality mexico's independence day is sept 16

Aka 5 de mayo
Don't let a Mexican hear you say may 5th is mexico's independence day cuz they'll kick ur ass
Ignorante person: viva México today is may 5th which is mexicos independence day
by Hdhxbbdhxjd May 21, 2011
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An appreciation day to the girls who work at hooters who deserve so much better than how they're treated.
Did you hear its hooter girl appreciation day?
Yay its May 5th!
by barbaities May 4, 2021
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