A dirty name for a girl. Or like man whore
A person who sexually pleases others that has no self-worth or morals. Some teenage girls that have sex are called sluts, but they aren't if they were in a relationship when they did it.
Ciani is a slut.

The girl who works the corners is a slut, she's always around that guy.

Bitch, why you gotta be such a slut!
You slut!
by inerd December 20, 2009
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An attractive girl or woman who dresses extremely revealingly, usually in a bikini top and short short shorts. She will jump up and down in front of guys and act really dumb. She will flirt with all the guys around, and act as sexy as possible. Etc... But then she gets offended when guys try to take advantage of her. Most likely shouting "Fuck You!" loud enough for all to hear, so she can get more attention from other guys. But then she gets upset when the nicer guys don't say how pretty she is. Basically a girl you don't want to interact with at all, even if she does have her Double D's hanging out.
*Girl flirting with guy #1*

Guy #2: Hey Baby, come sit on my lap!

Girl: Excuse me?

Guy #2: Come on Sexy, you sat on all those guys laps...

Girl: Fuck you! I'm not your fucking toy! Shame on you, you fucking bastard!

Nice Guy: Are these guys bothering you Kait, come over here.

Guy #2: Whoa, didn't realize she was a Fuck You Slut, I thought I was gonna get laid.
by Weirdo88 January 20, 2011
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1. Someone (male or female) who says "I love you" so often and to so many people they have dated that the phrase has completely loss meaning when said by them.

2. An extremely misguided person who says "I love you" to every person they have ever had remote feelings for. This person uses the phrase "I love you" like it means absolutely nothing, therefor can easily be related to someone who sleeps around and has sex with people who don't mean anything to them, otherwise known as a slut- thus the title, an "I love you" slut.
Bree: Dylan just told me he loved me. I would be happy except he also told my friend that he loved her too when they were dating.
Rachel: Wasn't he only with her for like a week?
Bree: Exactly. He tells every girl he dates that he loves them. WTF?! I don't know if I should believe it when he says it to me!
Rachel: Damn girl. He sounds like such an I love you slut. Don't believe a word he says he's just telling you what you want to hear.
by chargra September 8, 2011
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someone who uses the phrase I LOVE YOU too often
Charlene:"Omg! I like totally love you girl!"
Charlene again:"I love you SO much Anthony, its not even funny!"
Katie:"You're such an I love you slut Char!"
by amazingirl January 8, 2009
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Originally an ad hominem attack against Jane Curtin by Dan Akroyd on Saturday Night Live during Weekend Update. At that time, it featured a "Point/Counterpoint" in which Jane made one point, and Dan would prefix his counterpoint with this phrase.

More recently, it has become sort of a ha ha only serious opener to such a counterpoint on Usenet, typically used amidst flamewars.
Jane, you ignorant slut! You know this needs no example!
by ke6isf May 9, 2004
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An old Saturday Night Live parody of ad hominem attacks made by pundits.
"Jane, you ignorant slut!" is best rebutted with "Dan, you pompous ass!"
by Qit el-Remel December 11, 2008
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